Foaming Node (2018)

  • Documentary, Horror, Science Fiction, FFFA, Genre
  • 1h 5m

Ian Haig’s The Foaming Node essays the discovery and emergence of new bodily organs in meticulous and captivating detail. We follow the last remaining observers, members of a cult of sorts, who have experienced both the transmissions of The Foaming Node, and their own personal and strange bodily transformations. They discuss exactly how the changes associated with The Foaming Node have affected them, telling fascinating, visceral, detailed tales that reach beyond science, alternative medicine, and corporeality.


Ian Haig





Bonus Content

Director Q&A

Director Ian Haig is in conversation with FFFA artistic director Hudson Sowada for The Foaming Node.

Ian Haig has produced a range of videos/films and installations over the last 25 years often with themes of the confrontation of the body and the visceral effects of technology. His work has been exhibited in galleries and video/film festivals around the world in over 150 festivals internationally.