Friends Forever (2012)

  • JIFF, Jewish, Drama, Coming-of-Age
  • 1h 38m

This uplifting film from director Wolfram Paulus is a rambunctious, disarming coming-of-age story of Ferry and Alex, who vow to be blood brothers for life.

Set in the midst of World War Two and interspersed with beautiful choir music, the horrors of the war unfold in a world seemingly removed from the boy’s all but idyllic life. Joining the choir in the Kinderlandverschickung, a village retreat and Nazi program to get children out of bombed cities, it is uncovered that one of the new arrivals is of Jewish origins.

As the choir is set to give a once-in-a-lifetime performance before leading Nazi officials, the SS begins to close in on the Jewish-German boy in sheep’s clothing, hidden away among the other German children, unbeknownst to them, the star of the choir.


Wolfram Paulus