Heidi (2016)

  • Adventure, Family
  • 1h 51m

The happiest days of her childhood are spent by the orphan girl Heidi, together with her self-sacrificing grandfather, Almahi, separated in a simple hut in the Swiss mountains. Together with her friend, the traveler, she takes care of the goats of Almohi and enjoys freedom in the mountains to the fullest. But the immoderate time ends abruptly when Heidi is taken to Frankfurt by her auntie. There she is to be a playmate in the family of the well-to-do Herr Sesemann for the daughter Klara, who is sitting in a wheelchair, and to learn to read and write under the supervision of the severe child-girl Miss Rottenmeier. Although the two girls soon become friends and Clara’s grandmother in Heidi awakens the passion for books, the longing for the beloved mountains and Almöhi is becoming stronger and stronger …


Alain Gsponer


English, Afrikaans, German


Germany, South Africa, Switzerland