Legend of the Bigfoot (1975)

  • AGFA, Genre, Cult, Weird, Documentary, Exclusive
  • 1h 16m

“My name is Ivan Marx. The film you are about to see is authentic. It records the last ten years which has changed my life. The Eskimos call the subject of my story ‘Bushman’; the Colville Indians of upstate Washington call him ‘Sasquatch’; the Hoopas of northern California call him ‘Oma’. But right now, let’s just call him ‘Bigfoot’.”

“The alleged true story of cryptozoologist Ivan Marx and his quest to find the ultimate proof of Bigfoot’s existence. Marx, whose name couldn’t sound more Russian if it wore an ushanka, is a true American. He’s a bushwhackin’ wild game tracker and former Disney animal trainer who loves the outdoors almost as much as he does his wife Peggy. Who better than an expert in large mountain-dwelling mammals, who ‘knows tracks like the FBI knows fingerprints,’ to search for Bigfoot?” – Birth. Movies. Death.


Harry Winer