Live or Die in Entebbe (2012)

  • JIFF, Documentary, History
  • 52min

For more than 35 years, four Israeli families have remembered the events of Entebbe not as a shining moment of national unity, but as a personal tragedy. At 9am on 27 June 1976, 227 passengers boarded an Air France flight from Tel Aviv. German and Palestinian terrorists hijacked and rerouted the plane to Entebbe, where they were welcomed by Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. The hijackers freed the non-Jewish crew and passengers, while retaining 105 Jewish and Israeli hostages. Yoni Netanyahu died along with three hostages. Filmmaker Eyal Boers follows the story of Jonathan Khayat, nephew of Jean - Jacques Mimouni, one of the four hostages who died and uncovers why Entebbe’s other victims were forgotten.


Eyal Boers


Hebrew, French, English