Singing Swallows (2021)

  • Live performance
  • 45min

Presented by RK Collaborations and Theatre Works and proudly supported by Gandel Philanthropy and the Besen Family Foundation, Singing Swallows explores what life was like for a young person during the Holocaust and how much they might’ve understood that their communities, identity and lives were are risk. Filmed during the premiere season at Theatre Works in St Kilda, in July 2021, Singing Swallows is a moving family friendly performance.

“For a younger audience, this is an age-appropriate introduction with which they will easily identify - one that carries a strong message of peace and tolerance, resilience and hope. Romi Kupfer has crafted children’s theatre of considerable skill and creative intelligence.” - _The Age _

Includes captions.


Romi Kupfer

Lighting Designer

John Collopy

Sound Designer

Justin Gardam

Production Coordinator

Noah Chrapot

Original Performer and Education Consultant

Tammy Cohen


Underground Media