The Unorthodox (2018)

  • Comedy, Drama, JIFF
  • 1h 33m

From the director of hit Israeli TV series Shababnikim and inspired by the unique formation story of Israel’s Shas party, The Unorthodox follows Yakov Cohen (Shuli Rand, Ushipizin), a Sephardi Jew from Jerusalem who is affronted when his daughter is expelled from her school for no reason apart from her ethnic background. A printer with no political experience, Yakov is nevertheless inspired to take action, and bands together with two friends to start the first ethnic political group in Jerusalem. The trio - powered by rage, passion, a burning sense of injustice, and Yakov’s daughter’s inheritance - embark on an unlikely ascent through the Ashkenazi-dominated Israeli political system, which had never before experienced the wrath of the spurned - and thrifty - Sephardim.

With a terrific 80s nostalgia and a jaunty original soundtrack, The Unorthodox is an exhilarating, moving and laugh-out-loud film about the rise of the underdog, and the power of a single man to create real societal change.


Shuli Rand


Eliran Malka