The Wonders (2013)

  • JIFF, Drama, Fantasy
  • 1h 53m

Inspired by a true story, Avi Nesher’s The Wonders combines genres, moods and influences to create a unique and compelling movie that mixes mystery, comedy, psychological thriller, political intrigue and romance.

The story focuses on a graffiti artist (Ori Hizkiah) who lives near the Old City of Jerusalem. Wearing a mask, he paints walls at night and hopes that his former girlfriend (Efrat Gosh) who recently “found religion,” will come back to him. But when he sees a mysterious stranger forced into an abandoned apartment across the way by three bearded men, he becomes involved with a hard-boiled investigator (Adir Miller), a gorgeous mystery woman, and the conflicted, mysterious captive himself. This captive, Rabbi Shmaya Knafo (Yehuda Levi), leads a band of devoted followers who believe he is a modern prophet, has special powers and can see into the future. Arnav, who can resist anything but temptation, finds himself fascinated by Rabbi Knafo and by the conundrums that surround him.

Avi Nesher (Past Life, The Other Story) creates an intriguing thriller that draws the viewers into an unexpected world of mysteries and wonders.


Avi Nesher





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