Wounded Land (2015)

  • JIFF, Drama
  • 1h 20m

Veteran police officer, Kobi Amar, (Roy Assaf, Wedding Doll) and his Region Commander, Neumann, have been partners at the Haifa police force for years, but now, they face a critical turning point in their relationship. When Neumann is suspected of corruption, Kobi is recruited by police superiors to investigate his friend’s possible connections to the criminal underworld.

When a terrorist attack hits Haifa, Kobi and Neumann’s moral and professional values, as well their longstanding friendship, are placed under considerable, complicated and intense stress. Tautly constructed and bristling with tension, Wounded Land is a strikingly composed and dramatically compelling examination of love and loyalty in very dangerous circumstances: for Kobi, for Neumann, for Israel. This film won 2015 Ophir Awards (Israeli Oscars) for Best Director (Erez Tadmor, Magic Men, JIFF14), Best Actor and Best Makeup.


Erez Tadmor





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